Our Collections

GEOMETRIC:  The Sacred Shapes collection:
This collection is inspired by the sacred geometric structures that make up OUR  planet. To honor the connectedness of all things. The unique edges and geo like shapes offer a reference to the beauty of how we are all created as one. The same seven shapes predominate sacred shapes allow us to understand that everyone and everything is entirely composed of the same structures and oneness. Solidifying how we are all so divinely connected. Allow these pieces to connect your union further and offer a sacred whisper to the bride or those who are standing directly beside her. 

MOTHER OF PEARLS : The Feminine Collection: 
Women are the portal of life, the sacred beings of this earth and the carriers of the divine feminine energy. Just as the mollusc births a pearl – this collection is there to support your femininity. This is an accumulation of raw and structured beauty; these pieces are here to usher in the energy of divinity, love, life, femininity and beauty. It is without a doubt that this classic collection will surely provide you with the needed support for you or your entire bridal team on the big day!